Shareholder Information

The total percentage of Company shares not in public hands as of 12 February 2020 is 27%.

(a) Information taken from Equiniti Share Register Analysis 20 September – 24 December 2019. Updated for First Tranche Placing announced 24 January 2020 and Second Tranche Placing announced 12 February 2020.

(b) In addition to the Hedlund Family’s beneficial interest set out above the Hedlund Family is also interested in a further 900,790 ordinary shares, representing a further 0.09 per cent of the current issued share capital of the Company. These ordinary shares are held by West Coast Trust, a trust for the benefit of Anders Hedlund’s adult children. In total the Hedlund family is interested in 22,818,994 ordinary shares, representing 23.68 per cent of the current issued share capital of Company.

(c) This includes a non-beneficial interest in 174,608 ordinary shares at 5p each.