Design Group Asia

As a key location for manufacturing and sourcing for many of the Group’s products, Design Group Asia plays an integral role in delivering goods to many of our customers across the globe.

Our wholly-owned manufacturing facility in Huizhou, China, produces Christmas crackers, gift bags and single greetings cards using our own manufacturing processes and bespoke automation enhancing capability. 

As the result of investments in specialised and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, Design Group Asia’s Huizhou facility gives our Group companies access to maximum efficiency, which, in turn, gives our customers access to the highest quality, best-value products in the market.

Our Huizhou facility is fully auditable, with our UK technical management teams overseeing operations and ensuring the highest standards of legal, financial, ethical and environmental compliance at all times.

In addition to manufacturing, teams in Design Group Asia work to source products for our customers and other Group companies. From dedicated sourcing operations based in Hong Kong and Ningbo, Design Group Asia seeks out and supplies products for retailers globally.

Consisting of a capable and motivated team who work to an ‘on-time-in-full’ service commitment, Design Group Asia plays an important role in our wider Group operations.