The Design Group Story

Design Group’s story begins in 1979, when Scandinavian Design was founded to design, manufacture and supply gift wrap to retail and wholesale customers. After rapid growth, we rebranded as International Greetings in 1989 to reflect our evolution into an international business.

As the Group grew, companies including Belgrave Graphics, Hy-Sil Massachusetts and Britesparks joined, before International Greetings Plc floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1995.

Through mergers and acquisitions and organic growth, International Greetings plc continued to grow, with group businesses spread across the globe.

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Design Group Today

Today, Design Group is a diverse Group of companies operating across multiple regions, categories, seasons and brands.

We work with more than 10,000 customers throughout the world, with operations in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. Our products are found in over 200,000 retail outlets internationally, with our products reaching millions of consumers of all ages.

We continue to grow and invest, with our businesses, brands and product categories constantly innovating and evolving.

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Moments in History

Moments in time captured from Design Group’s history.



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