About Design Group

We are Design Group – we design, manufacture, source and distribute a wide range of products for life’s important occasions, to transform special moments into memories.

We’re a diverse group of companies operating across multiple regions, categories, seasons and brands. We work with the best retailers in the world, offering a full end-to-end service from design through to distribution. 

Our products are found within three core categories: Celebrations, Stationery and Creative Play, and Gifting.

In this section, you’ll learn more about Design Group, the products we produce and our Board. You’ll also discover the story of how Design Group came to be. 


Design is at the heart of everything we do. With multiple design studios across the globe, Design Group prides itself on always being at the very cutting edge of design trends and product development.

Our creative teams work hard to produce the very best in branded and bespoke goods, in product categories including Celebrations, Stationery and Creative Play, and Gifting.

With studios in locations including South Wales, the United States and Australia, our teams combine their local and regional knowledge with industry-leading experience to create some of the most innovative products on the market.


Our state-of-the-art facilities, streamlined procedures and a dedicated workforce is what enables Design Group to produce high-quality products, on a global scale, all year round.

In the past year, the Group has produced and sold over 1-billion metres of gift wrap, more than 70-million gift bags, 100-million greetings cards and just under 1 billion stickers.

We continue to focus on our production process and capabilities, with investments including a further new printing press for our wrap manufacturing operation in Holland.



Making use of our extensive network of local and international contacts, Design Group’s distribution operation allows for our products to reach consumers in all four corners of the world.

Currently, products by Design Group are sold in over 200,000 retail outlets across more than 80 countries.

Our Group operates in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, giving us access to marketplaces across the globe. Using our on-the-ground knowledge, we’re well positioned to distribute our products to more than 10,000 customers worldwide.


Our Customers

We are proud to serve the best retailers around the world with a complete end-to-end service from design to distribution. It is our aim to be a partner of choice to our customers.

Our customer list includes some of the biggest supermarket, high-street, fashion and online retailers around the world, with our products reaching millions of consumers.

Design Group has a diverse and varied customer base, offering both branded and bespoke products across multiple categories. We are a flexible and agile supplier, providing goods to both value and higher-margin ends of the market.

Our Global Presence

Where Design Group is active around the world

Americas, UK, Europe, Asia, Australia

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