‘Not-For-Resale’ Consumables

Learn more about the products in our 'Not-For-Resale' Consumable category. 

As a recent addition to the Design Group range of products, the ‘Not-For-Resale’ Consumables category combines our well-established Polaris business with Paper Twist Handle Bags, a growing category serving some of the UK’s largest high-street retailers.

This growing category offers customers high-quality and sustainable paper bags for use in retail settings. Tapping into the changing attitudes around single-use plastics and conscious consumers demanding a more sustainable shopping experience, our ‘Not-For-Resale’ Consumables are already used by many of the best-known retailers in the UK.

On this page, you will learn more about the products in our ‘Not-For-Resale’ Consumable category. 

Paper Twist Handle Bags

As the result of recent investment into new bag making machinery in South Wales, our Paper Twist Handle Bag product category gives retailers access to bespoke, premium bag solutions, to package in-store purchases.


As a leading supplier of bin liners, refuse sacks, food bags and other collateral products, Polaris has served thousands of businesses with year-round supplies for more-than 30 years.