Our Environmental & Corporate Responsibilities

IG Design Group Plc is one of the world’s leading designers, innovators and manufacturers of gift packing and greetings, social expression giftware, stationery and creative play products.

Across all our territories, we comply with the highest standards on the market to ensure we can prove our Group’s commitment to looking after our customers, our staff and our planet.

Our Customers

Our QC and QA teams across the world ensure that our products are suitably tested and adhere to recognised standards and directives.

Through regular audits – ethical, quality and technical – we work to ensure the factories with which we produce goods meet relevant requirements, which comply with standards set by BSCI, ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative), WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment), and CTPAT (Consumer-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

We are SEDEX members and we work with ‘Stronger Together’ in our commitment to respecting human rights throughout our supply base.


We work to provide and maintain a safe working environment for all of our employees.

We ask that they act honestly and with integrity in safeguarding the Company’s resources for which they are responsible. We encourage and support all employees to raise any concerns they may have about the conduct of others throughout the Company or regarding the way in which the business, itself, is run.


We use, where possible, suppliers who are committed to being environmentally friendly and to reducing waste, to ISO and EUTR standards.