Sustainability – Planet

Innovating to reduce our footprint

We believe we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our planet and its environment and that our success as a company significantly depends on it. The global climate change threat is a result of many years of unsustainable activity by the world’s growing population.

We have the ambition to reduce our impact on our surroundings to promote the longevity of the planet for future generations. This will be a journey for the Group as we learn of new methods to improve our operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as less waste sent to landfills.

Reducing our environmental footprint

A large part of Group operations are manufacturing based, and our operational excellence continually drives efficiency improvements. We consider climate change in all of our activities and strive to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our carbon footprint is continually under review. This year we have continued to optimise packaging and processes to fit more products onto every truck, reducing the number of vehicles and journeys taken by the Group each year. This has already and will continue to lead to significant reductions in the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere due to our operations.

Our warehouse and operations teams are focused on putting into effect changes in our factories which will reduce our carbon emissions. We have continued to transition to LED lighting, as well as high speed doors to segregate the different areas of the factory to improve temperature regulation. Both of these reduce inefficiencies and therefore improve our carbon footprint.

As a Group we will continue to consider and approve investment in new machinery to improve our efficiency and capacity. This continues to have a positive effect on the environment by lowering waste, reducing the need to import from overseas and focusing on local suppliers for raw materials and services.

As part of our sustainability journey, we are setting goals and targets. Our first goal is to be a carbon neutral business for all in-house manufactured generic brands by 2030. The roadmap to achieving this goal will be developed over the coming months.

Proposed KPIs

→ CO2 emissions

→ Waste sent to landfill

→ Locally manufactured product

↑ Our state-of-the-art printing press in the Netherlands

↑ Our distribution warehouse facility in Australia