The Smiling Jigsaw Project

In a new video released today (click here to view the video), 13 IG Design Group offices around the globe are shown joining in with the campaign, designing personal jigsaw pieces around what makes them smile.

Those who took part then explain exactly what their design means to them, sharing intimate and heartwarming moments with the camera.

When completed, each puzzle piece was shipped to the UK where one giant jigsaw was assembled.

IG Design Group pledged to donate a set amount to select charities for each puzzle piece that was completed, raising a total of over £15,000 for selected charities included Oxfam, War Child, Operation Smile, US-based Nicholas House and Australian-based Kids Uncover.

Commenting on the success of the campaign, CEO Paul Fineman said: “We are delighted to have raised over £15k for some fantastic charities across the world. The work these charities do is amazing and we hope the funds raised will help to support their causes and make a real difference to people’s lives. This special project reflects the sense of community we have engendered in the company and shows how the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”