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Taxation Code

IG Design Group Plc (“Design Group”) maintains a detailed policy reflecting our code of conduct in respect of taxation. This policy details our approach to taxation globally and the principles which we apply. The key principles of the policy are summarised as follows:

  • Design Group seeks to fully comply with taxation regulations in all jurisdictions in which it operates, and actively manages its affairs to minimise the risk of non-compliance.

  • Design Group’s approach is to pay the correct amount of taxation in each geographic area in which we operate, reflecting our actual commercial structure and taking advantage of legitimate tax incentives and similar schemes supported by the relevant tax authorities.

  • Design Group seeks to maintain a low risk rating in respect of taxation.

  • Design Group is committed to maintaining an open and honest working relationship with HMRC and other local taxation authorities through regular dialogue and proactive discussion of business developments that might materially impact the Group’s taxation position.

Responsibility for adhering to this policy sits with the Group Chief Financial Officer on behalf of the Board, supported by the Group Financial Controller. Finance Directors in individual business units are in turn responsible for dealing with taxation matters in their own jurisdictions in accordance with the Group’s policy. Adherence to the policy is monitored by the central group team and the Audit Committee.