Our Story

Our changing identity

Our business began in 1979, designing, manufacturing and supplying gift wrap for retail and wholesale customers, under the name Scandinavian Design.

After rapid growth, in 1989 we rebranded as International Greetings– reflecting our evolution into an international business.

Since then, more growth and evolution has complicated our corporate structure. So now we have decided to simplify our branding: to make ourselves more coherent to our customers, suppliers, investors and our own team, and to help us communicate more effectively with them all.



We design, manufacture, source and distribute a wide array of products for life’s important occasions, which help to transform moments into memories.


IG Design Group - Company timeline

Our History


Our new name

Our Group will be known as The Design Group and our more formal corporate name will be IG Design Group Plc.



Imaginative: We design with imagination and creative flair.

Responsible: We source and manufacture responsibly.

Dependable: We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


We’re at the heart of design

Design is where you’ll find IG. It’s the word that’s the perfect synergy between who we are and what we do. And it’s the perfect opportunity to show our design focus in our new branding: design group

This is what we believe

Our branding and corporate identity are new. The four core truths that underlie them are as they have always been and always will be:

  • Our values are non-negotiable
  • We serve many of the world’s best retailers and distributors, and we are proud of that fact
  • We do whatever it takes to ensure complete customer satisfaction
  • IG is at the heart of design. Our team is at the heart of IG Design Group.

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