International Greetings plc has a new name.
IG Design Group plc represents the next phase of our evolution.

Our mission and values remain the same, but our new name signifies our reorganisation into a simpler structure, streamlined for growth.
At the same time, our new IG Design Group logo signifies the importance of design in everything we do.

To discover how IG lies at the heart of design, click here or watch our film which will be available end of  July





About Us

Our products help transform moments into memories.

We design, manufacture, source and distribute a wide array of products for life’s important occasions, to help transform moments into memories.

Continuous development and investment enable us to identify our customers’ needs, show us how well we are meeting them, and guide us in continual improvement of our products and service.

You can read more about us here, or you can watch our film about the creation of IG Design Group plc which will be available end of  July.

Or discover more about our Group here.



What We Do



Our unique blend of creativity and reliability sets us apart from our competitors.

Design is at the heart of everything we do. However, we combine creative and innovative product design and development with industry-leading customer service. And just as we understand and engage with our customers, so we do with our investors.

Learn more about the benefits of investing with IG Design Group plc.

Find out more about the products we design, select, manufacture, source and distribute.



More News



IG Design Group Jigsaw Event

Today we’re thrilled to be attempting the mammoth task of creating our Group Jigsaw! Over the Summer we travelled to different parts of the globe giving every single member of our staff a plain jigsaw piece to decorate with just one rule: show us ‘what makes you smile’.

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Group Event “What makes You Smile”

Our Global Jigsaw puzzle creation has started! On the 1st August 1180 jigsaw pieces were sent around the Group and filming is set to start next week at Anker in Milton Keynes and in our IG Asia office in HK.

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our future group structure


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